This is shocking – the reason sustainable fashion is not a trend

Sustainable Fashion –

According to a Draper’s report, Fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries. Its operational model is so unsustainable that by 2030, retailers are expected to see a detrimental impact on profit and margins as the cost of resources rises.

Textile waste is becoming a social problem not only in the UK but all across Europe. Our unwanted clothing is currently contributing towards the 300,000 tonnes of textiles going to landfill in the UK every year; the equivalent of 50 trucks’ worth of clothing per day. As much as 95% of the clothes thrown away could have been reworn, recycled or upcycled. The numbers do not lie:

-100bn items of clothing are produced every year

-More than 50% of fast fashion produced is disposed of in less than a year

-35% of global total of the primary microplastics in the oceans come from clothes and textiles, making them the number one source of this pollution

-73% of all clothing items produced every year go to the landfill

See the image below to see the full scale of the problem.


Sustainable fashion – Brooks & Sharpe


How are we helping to solve this problem?

For us, ethical and sustainable fashion is not a phase or trend. This is something we believe in with a passion. While the internet is flooded with fast fashion produced in the 100s of thousands per style for maximum profit, we have worked hard to build a platform that cuts above this noise to promote brands and designers who share our ethos. Our brands/designers work hard to produce ethical garments without compromising on style or quality – being an eco-warrior does not mean you have to look like an eco-warrior! Our brands/designers are already tackling this issue head on by making their garments from recycled fabrics, sustainable cottons, rescue sheep wool and ethical silks, their ethos are clear – ethical and sustainable. Mostly, these collections and garments are produced in limited quantities so you will never have 100s of people wearing the same garment as you! You can even make the garment more personal by adding a personal embroidered monogramming and bespoke made items.

So, when you buy from our brands/designers, rest assured that not only were your garments made in a sustainable manner, but everyone involved in the process was paid a fair wage – we will never stock brands/designers that mass produce in sweatshops. And we will never stock fur or products made from endangered animals.

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Sources – Draper’s Online

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