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Tiger Slip-ons

Brand: Indys

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Our velvet slip-ons are inspired by the King of the Jungle, India’s Bengal tiger. Majestic, powerful and the most secretive of all the big cats, tigers epitomize the importance of conservation.

Once the King of the Jungle roamed the whole of the Asian sub-continent, but today he is found in small pockets of land that are shrinking yearly, as the ever growing human population continues to encroach on tiger territory.

India, home to 70% of the world’s tiger population, unlike the rest of the world has seen a recent increase in tiger numbers. Reserves such as Ranthambore once the hunting grounds of the Jaipur Royal family, now preserve the forest home of the tiger and provide an environment to support his solitary existence.


Our handcrafted shoes bring a glimpse of the jungle world the Royal Bengal tiger calls home, to your wardrobe using rich threads over a midnight velvet base.

Note: Designed according to the Indian tradition, what makes your Indys so comfortable is that, rather than having a left or a right shoe, they naturally take the shape of your foot, over time.

Brand: Indys

Inspired by the North Indian Jutti shoes, Indys are conceived in the UK and handcrafted by India’s finest artisans. Versatile, they can transition from day to night looks, and are extremely comfortable. As Indys mould to your feet over time, it feels like every shoe was tailored just for you. The handmade nature of our process makes every pair unique, and exclusively yours.

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