Our Ethics

At Brooks & Sharpe, we are passionate about 3 things:

Eco friendly fashion

Independent brands and designers

Looking incredibly stylish

Nightire - Luxury Organic Bamboo Sleepwear on Brooks & Sharpe

Why independent brands/designers?

Admit it. There’s something special about discovering a new brand! You know you’re going to see something that not many people know about. You almost get to share in the thrill of the design with the designer themselves, and we love that. At Brooks & Sharpe, we want to encourage people to buy from independent designers, because in doing this, you’re supporting the true craft and creativity that goes into each of the pieces we promote. Some of our designers even hand print and stitch their creations, meaning you’re not just wearing something totally unique, but also something that hasn’t lost its verve via the means of mass production.

Our own experience has seen us gather reams of expertise under our beautifully buckled belts. We understand fashion, we understand the industry, and we understand the need to support independents. At Brooks & Sharpe, we don’t just showcase the products, we shout about the people.


Meet the people behind the brands

Behind every great design is an even greater designer, and we want you to get to know them! Make sure you make time to have a browse through our regular blog, chatting with the people behind the prints and the founders behind the fabric.


So, why all the fuss about eco friendly fashion? 

We can promise you one thing around here – we will never try to pull the wool over your face with greenwashing nonsense.

We bring the stories of our featured designs direct to your fingertips, so that you can see for yourselves the values held by Brooks & Sharpe, in sourcing garments that benefit people and communities whilst minimising impact on the environment.

But, if words like ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’ conjure up images of baggy beige jumpers, dresses made out of hemp, and a ‘look’ that’s more allotments than alluring, then you’re in for a big surprise when you click through the rest of our website.

Go on, we dare you.

Our brands and designers produce high quality, stylish clothes with a fun use of colour and a classy use of cut. Sustainability doesn’t get in the way of style, and we believe that the two can complement each other perfectly.

Do good – and look good doing it.


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