Nightire Organic Bamboo Sleepwear – Indy Best

Nightire Organic bamboo sleepwear - Indy Best

100% Organic Bamboo Sleepwear by Nightire – Indy Best


100% Organic Bamboo sleepwear - Indy BestLobster Roll Short Set

One of our amazing brands Nightire was recently featured in The Independent, Indy Best pages and we couldn’t be more thrilled! We love to tell anyone who will listen just how great our brands (because they are!) but don’t just take our word for it – read what other people are saying about our brands.


100% organic bamboo sleep mask - NightireLobster Roll Sleep Mask


The good folks over at Indy Best took the Lobster Roll Short Set on a test drive and the verdict is in and… *spoiler alert* they loved them. Read what they had to say below:


Nightire – taking its name from the merging of “night” and “attire” – pjs are made from 100 per cent bamboo, which is environmentally friendly and moisture wicking, but look and feel luxurious like silk. The bottoms are elasticated with a scalloped bottom and the shirt also has a top right pocket, but we really love the subtle detail of an embroidered outline of a closed eye on either lapel, reminding us that these are to sleep in, but we’d happily wear them anywhere. They’re oh-so-silky to wear and we didn’t overheat in bed. We’re absolutely obsessed with them. Available in sizes XS-XL and there’s cute matching scrunchies and eye masks, too.


100% Organic Bamboo Sleepwear - Brooks & SharpeLobster Roll Night Dress


Nightire Midi Sleep Set - Brooks & SharpeLobster Roll Midi Set


Shop the rest of the collection – 100% organic bamboo sleepwear

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