A quick chat with Helen and Myra – founders of HEMYCA London

Meet the founders  – we caught up with HEMYCA London founders, Helen and Myra for a quick chat about their brand, inspirations and journey so far. How did HEMYCA London begin? “Helen and I were both studying at the London College of Fashion and shared a devotion to the art of luxury fashion design. After

A quick chat with Amber Wyles – founder of Maimie London

Meet the founder – we caught up with Maimie London founder, Amber Wyles for a quick chat about her brand, inspirations and journey. How did Maimie London begin? I wanted to create a collection of feel good womenswear, that would inspire confidence and bring comfort to women in equal measure. When I started Maimie, I

A quick chat with Lucy – Founder of jewellery brand Lucy Ashton Jewellery

Meet the founder – we caught up with Lucy, founder of made in Britain jewellery brand Lucy Ashton Jewellery, for a quick chat about her brand, inspirations and her journey so far. How did Lucy Ashton Jewellery begin? Lucy Ashton Jewellery began in 2015, I was 24 and I finally thought it was best to

Up-cycle or Recycle: What do you do with your old clothes?

There really is something magical about warm sunny days that seems to change your entire psyche – the floral dresses come out, nails done in bright colours and you feel like you can conquer the world! And the rather unusually warm last days of February did just that for me. For some mysterious reason, the

This is shocking – the reason sustainable fashion is not a trend

Sustainable Fashion – According to a Draper’s report, Fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries. Its operational model is so unsustainable that by 2030, retailers are expected to see a detrimental impact on profit and margins as the cost of resources rises. Textile waste is becoming a social problem not only in the