Our Story

Who are we

Put simply? We’re Joel Brooks and Pam Sharpe.

Brooks & Sharpe.

Our brand name quite literally wrote itself.

Pam is a successful retail entrepreneur and Joel is a respected independent designer. Together, we’ve created an online shopping experience that brings together the best of what luxury fashion brands can offer, along with exciting new creations from independent designers from around the world – all in one place.

There’ll be brands you already love, and brands you’ll wish you’d heard of sooner. The fun is in the finding!

All of the styles you’ll see on our site are limited editions, specialist collections, and even one-off pieces, so we’re sure you’ll find something unique to you. Style is about making a statement, and let’s face it, nobody wants to run into their rival wearing the exact same outfit! Trust us – we’ve been there, and that’s why our brand exists today.

Welcome to Brooks & Sharpe.


What we do

Brooks & Sharpe is not just an online shop, but an online shopping experience. We showcase great quality independent designers with even greater stories behind their brands. From the ethical and the eco-friendly, to the insightful and the innovative. This isn’t just your everyday online fashion outlet.

Our website not only showcases fashion but also provides a platform for our designers to share their stories about who they are, what they do, and how they do it. Let’s face it, you’re not buying a new dress. You’re buying a reason for people to stop and tell you how great you look. Why not tell them a story in return?

We don’t feature just any designer or brand at Brooks & Sharpe – they’re here through invite and application process only. Each chosen designer will only make a handful of each design at any given time, so individuality is the only thing you’ll find in abundance when shopping on our site.


Why Brooks & Sharpe

When shopping online, whilst the fun of finding pieces you’ll love is what keeps you coming back for more, it’s not enough. As well as offering you the chance to shop for lots of brands all in one place, we also offer secure payments, free UK delivery and hassle-free returns. Not sure about fit, size, and whether an item is really you? Why not take advantage of our ‘try before you buy’ feature with Klarna. This gives you 14 days to try on the items at home. Then, pay for what you keep, and send the rest back to us hassle-free! Because we work directly with designers, you can even speak to us about customisation, tailoring, and made to order garments, too.

Of course, this only appeals if you like our fashion. We only promote designers who combine quality with values, so whether they’re using materials from sustainable sources, making their clothing in fair trade workshops, promoting animal rights, or protecting workers’ rights and wages, each brand and designer will have their very own incredible story to tell you about that fab new dress you’ve picked out, or the suit you’ve set your heart on.

We never promote brands or designers who use real fur in any of their collections for Brooks & Sharpe – or for anybody else. We’re animal lovers and stand against animal exploitation. We’ll wear the prints, but never the pelts.

Oh, and one more thing. Whether you buy one item from one brand, or five items from five different brands whilst you shop online with us, you’ll only pay one shipping cost for the entire order. Simple, secure, hassle-free.


Why independent brands/designers?

Admit it. There’s something special about discovering a new brand! You know you’re going to see something that not many people know about. You almost get to share in the thrill of the design with the designer themselves, and we love that. At Brooks & Sharpe, we want to encourage people to buy from independent designers, because in doing this, you’re supporting the true craft and creativity that goes into each of the pieces we promote. Some of our designers even hand print and stitch their creations, meaning you’re not just wearing something totally unique, but also something that hasn’t lost its verve via the means of mass production.

Our own experience has seen us gather reams of expertise under our beautifully buckled belts. We understand fashion, we understand the industry, and we understand the need to support independents. At Brooks & Sharpe, we don’t just showcase the products, we shout about the people.


Meet the people behind the brands

Behind every great design is an even greater designer, and we want you to get to know them! Make sure you make time to have a browse through our regular blog, chatting with the people behind the prints and the founders behind the fabric.


So, why all the fuss about ethical fashion? 

We bring the stories of our featured designs direct to your fingertips, so that you can see for yourselves the values held by Brooks & Sharpe, in sourcing garments that benefit people and communities whilst minimising impact on the environment.

But, if words like ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’ conjure up images of baggy beige jumpers, dresses made out of hemp, and a ‘look’ that’s more allotments than alluring, then you’re in for a big surprise when you click through the rest of our website.

Go on, we dare you.

Our brands and designers produce high quality, stylish clothes with a fun use of colour and a classy use of cut. Sustainability doesn’t get in the way of style, and we believe that the two can complement each other perfectly.

Do good – and look good doing it.


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