Our Story

Who are we

The name Brooks & Sharpe is derived from the founders’ last names; Pam Sharpe and Joel Brooks.

Brooks is a small independent designer and Sharpe is a retail entrepreneur, and together we created an on-line platform that supports ethical, independent and luxury fashion brands and designers – some brands you might have heard of and some fantastic brands you might have otherwise missed out on. Our mission is to show you ethical fashion is far from boring, dowdy and beige – you can have the latest stylish trends, colours and silhouettes that make you feel and look great while doing great a deal in helping our environment and planet.


What we do

Brooks & Sharpe is an online style platform developed specifically to showcase great quality independent designers with an ethical or moral story behind them, giving brands/designers a platform to present their latest collections and products to you, who may or may otherwise not have found these wonderful jewels of fashion. We have a very strict criteria for brands/designers and showcasing on our platform is strictly through invite or a thorough application process.

All of our brands have their own boutique within the platform so that they maintain their unique identity, because ultimately that’s what makes them special. We collate all these wonderful designers together to present you a simple and easy selection of exceptionally made products with a fantastic story behind them. Our designers only make a handful of each of their products at a time – they’re exceptional in quality, they all have an ethical story behind them, and they’ll make you look and feel completely unique and special.

And more and more great new independent brands are joining our platform every single week, so your choices grow every day too.

We have just streamlined our delivery network so that whether you buy 1 item from 1 brand, or 5 items from 5 different brands, you only pay 1 shipping cost for the entire order.


Why Brooks & Sharpe

We have done the due diligence and only promote independent designers who ethically make high quality luxury goods – whether it is using materials from sustainable sources, making their clothing in local fair trade workshops, working with up-cycled fabrics, protecting animal rights, protecting workers’ rights and fair wages – each brand/designer has their very own incredible story to tell you about their designs and why their designs are unique. Because they have a tight grip on their quality and quantities, our brands/designers are able to offer you design customisations eg petite size, tall range, monograming or make a garment that is out of stock in your size. Our brands/designers only make a limited number of garments per collection, making them quite exclusive and unique.

We do not promote brands/designers that use real fur or endangered and exotic animals in their collections.


Why is Ethical so important

What does ethical fashion mean to you? For us, it is designing, sourcing and manufacturing clothes in a way that benefits people and communities while minimising impact on the environment. If words like ‘Ethical’ and ‘Sustainable’ conjure up images of baggy beige jumpers and allotments, then it’s probably high time you take a look at some of our brands and dispel that myth right now!

Our brands/designers produce high quality, stylish clothes with up to date colours, patterns and silhouettes. Our mission is to show you ethical fashion is not boring, dowdy and probably knitted by a beloved nan – It is carefully designed, well made, made to last and mostly it is minimising the impact fast fashion has on our environment. Not only will you look stylish and unique, you can wear beautiful clothes knowing people who put your garments together – from concept to manufacturing – were paid a fair wage, the fabrics used in your garment did not harm the environment with a number of our brands protecting animal rights by offering vegan collections.

Our ethical ethos fall into three categories: social, environmental and commercial. We encourage you to explore our brands and their ethos by clicking the ‘Brand’ tab on any product page. All our fantastic brands are championing the above issues while producing highly stylish and high-quality collections.


Why Independent Brands/Designers

With founder experience in the fashion industry, we understand the challenges independents face in all aspects of the business – the long hours, the design process, creating samples, manufacturing, bringing the products to market and all the things in between that can and unfortunately will go wrong. Our platform curates the best independent brands and not only do we showcase them to you, we market and shout about all our brands through advertising, PR efforts, networking and partnership opportunities. Shopping from independents means you are buying original and unique designs and prints that are not mass produced – our brands/designers draw their own designs and sometimes even hand print their patterns onto fabric, so there is no chance you will find similar prints anywhere else! And because you are buying directly from independent brands/designers, you can expect a highly personal shopping experience including customisation and made to order garments.

Our blog will feature regular posts chatting with the founders behind our brands – read our blog here


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