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About Brooks & Sharpe

Discover Unique Independent Luxury Fashion Brands


What we do

We carefully curate independent ethical and sustainable luxury brands and put them on one platform so you don’t have to do all the hard work. All our brands/designers are small independent brands with amazing stories behind their work,  helping the environment one stylish garment at a time. We carefully vet our brands/designers to make sure we share the same ethos – ethical and sustainable luxury.


Why us

When you buy from Brooks & Sharpe boutique partners, you are supporting small independent brands who not only lovingly make the garments for you but you are also supporting an ethical and sustainable fashion industry. You can wear your new garments in confidence knowing they were produced using high quality fabrics and everyone involved in the process was paid a fair wage. Most of our brands design and make their items in the UK and for the ones that make their garments outside the UK, they are able to show their design to making process.


What do you mean by ethical and sustainable luxury?

We are glad you asked! By ethical and sustainable luxury, we mean our boutique partners ethically source their fabrics and their garments are ethically made ie everyone is paid a fair wage (no sweat shops here!). Our brands make garments from recycled fabrics, wool from rescue sheep, ethically sourced cashmere, cotton, bamboo, tencel and silk. Our boutique partner collections are produced in limited numbers (no mass production either!) so once a collection is sold out, it is gone. We do not work with partners who make their garments from fur or endangered animals.

Whether you are looking for something bespoke, limited editions or personalised luxury items, you’re sure to find something for every style preference from our boutique partners.