A quick chat with Amber Wyles – founder of Maimie London

Meet the founder – we caught up with Maimie London founder, Amber Wyles for a quick chat about her brand, inspirations and journey.

How did Maimie London begin?

I wanted to create a collection of feel good womenswear, that would inspire confidence and bring comfort to women in equal measure. When I started Maimie, I was working from home as a freelance graphic designer and found myself living in leggings, trackies and oversized jumpers – which ticked the comfort boxes, but not the glamorous ones, and always left me lack lustre and feeling a bit “caught out”. Maimie is founded on the belief that comfort and femininity can go hand in hand. I’ve always loved the feminine silhouettes of vintage loungewear and wanted bring some of that effortless elegance back.

Have you always wanted to work in fashion?

I’ve always been creative and wanted to work in design, but really my love of fashion grew after my desire to create confidence boosting womenswear.


What has been your journey so far?

It all started in my little ‘office’ (spare bedroom in Hertfordshire) and has grown in so many wonderful ways! We’ve been lucky to have some amazing press and collaborations – we’ve been on the red carpet, requested by Celia Gomez and Poppy Delevingne for an LA party, turned on the London Christmas lights and now have a capsule collection in the Mandarin Oriental.

What inspired your latest collection?

The latest collection is inspired by vintage lounge and leisurewear, but given a contemporary twist. Smoking jackets and cigarette trousers, cut from ebony and midnight stretch silk with flashes of colour.


What has been the highest and lowest point in your journey?

Highest – sounds a bit cheesy but every time a woman tries on and falls in love with the way she looks in Maimie – it’s genuinely the happiest feeling in the world!

Lowest – working solo can sometimes get a little lonely… especially on Monday morning!


How do you cope with setbacks?

I am lucky to have a very patient boyfriend and loving friends and family who are probably bored senseless hearing about Maimie, but always listen and pick me up when I need it


What inspires you?

Big question. I am inspired by so much – women and the wonderful people around me, art, design, architecture, heady scents, clouds, curves, flowers, dusk, music, old films, classic cars, London, city scapes, food, colour, love stories – so much! I take inspiration for new prints and palettes from nature and am constantly inspired by all the colours that surround us.


Is there anyone you would like to see wearing your brand?

I would love all the women in the world to enjoy feeling feminine, confident and comfy in their Maimie’s! But if I had to name names, as Maimie is all about real women and holds a certain respect for Blighty (being handmade in London) it would be an honour to see the likes of Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, Rachel Weisz, Kate Beckinsale, Anna Friel and Lily James slinking about town in their Maimies. I have a little girl crush on Marion Cottilard, so a purchase from her wouldn’t go amiss either!

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

In 5 years I would like Maimie to be renowned by women worldwide, as the brand that delivers feel good clothing. I want us to be the answer when you don’t know what to wear to that party, that meeting, that event –  you can rely on your Maimies to look and feel fabulous.


If you could wear one piece from your collection, which one would that be?

I have to admit to giving myself a sample of every item in the collection!


What is the best piece of advice you were ever given?

Wise words from my Grandmother – “Balance. Everything, everything, everything in life comes down to balance”.


Tell us something random about yourself (anything funny and random!)

I’ve discovered I’m a terrible one for talking to myself! I didn’t know I did it until I was overheard having such an in-depth discussion with, the witness thought I must be someone else in the room!


What is the one thing you cannot live without?

The Estella Ebonys – I work, play, live (sometimes even sleep) in them










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